Questions you should Ask a Lawyer to Purchase a House

10 September 2021
Amber Zia

While meeting a housing lawyer in the first consultation, you need to have the upper hand and fully participate in the conversation. Ask them all the right questions to determine if they will be a good fit. Below are some essential questions which you shouldn’t miss. For further information, you can check

What experience do you have?

Experience is the top priority. This is because real estate transactions can be tricky. This means your lawyer should be capable enough and have sufficient experience and knowledge for tackling different issues. Ask how many real estate transaction they have handled and how many years of experience they possess and how many residential real estate transactions they have carried out. 

Can you offer references?

It’s cool to ask for references from your housing lawyer. This can include other clients they have had which are not related to the lawyer in personal life. In case the lawyer is hesitant or unable to offer references, you should walk away. 

What complications can arise?

Keep your mind and eyes open while stepping in the real estate transaction. Some people have a smooth process of buying a house whereas others face many complications. So, inquire about the kind of issues that can arise during the process and how the lawyer will solve them. 

Are you a title agent as well?

Surprisingly, some housing lawyers are title agents as well. If they aren’t, they might have hired one in their office. Both of them work together in the closing process. Due to the paperwork and continuous communication, the closing step can experience delays. But in case your lawyer offers both services, you will gain one-stop service and possible delays can be avoided. 

Will you take my case?

If the lawyer you’re interested in is busy taking your case, he might transfer your file to another lawyer. In that case, ask the new lawyers the same questions.